Various drug treatments – if you suffer from lower back pain

There are several lower back pain remedies that can be used which are drug related. These include medicinal therapies, acetaminophen, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants and opioids. Each of these drugs has various effects on the consumers and different rates at which they help in reducing the pain.

Drug Therapies – Nowadays, people suffering from lower back pain have several forms of medication to choose from. Some of these medicines help in reducing inflammation of the area as well as lessening the pain. This medication may also help with muscle spasms and tension associated with back pain. However, all these drugs need to be administered with a prescription, otherwise they may prove to be quite fatal.

pain killers for your sore spineAcetaminophen – These are drugs such as Anacin-3, Valadol and Tylenol which are pain killers. These drugs usually simply provide temporary relief from severe back pain and are used to treat acute forms of lower back pain. They are very rarely used to treat chronic back pain. However, these medicines too, need to be administered only with a prescription. Kidney and liver damage are some of the side effects of these drugs.

Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs – Also knowns as NSAID’s , these include Ibuprofen, Aspirin and Ketoprofen which are anti-inflammatory drugs. They help to cut down the inflammation of the area and also any swelling that may be present. They also start the entire healing process. These drugs, if taken in small dosages simply act as mild analgesics. However, when they are taken regularly, they may provide the same result as acetaminophen.

Muscle Relaxants – Valium, Cyclobenzaprine and Robaxin are types of muscle relaxants which are generally prescribed for people experiencing severe back pain. Many people however, believe NSAID’s to be just as effective as muscle relaxants.

Opioids – Morphine, Ocyxontin and Demerol are drugs which fall under this category. They are used very rarely only when they pain is excruciating and totally unbearable. Since one can easily get addicted to these drugs, physicians very rarely prescribe them as they tend to be more harmful than helpful in the long run.